Cut vs Uncut

It’s a long held debate that has raged through the teahalls for many a decade, which is best? Cut or Uncut?

Now we know that to decide upon cut means a smaller portion and the crux of the argument for pro-cutters is that it is more ergonomic, it is easier to handle and as such it is less of a choking hazard. Especially when giving it to small children.

Fair point, but the fact remains that with uncut you are effectively receiving the same mouthful but with a strong sense sense of pride in taking the the whole beast and better mouth=feel in feeling it come apart in your mouth.

Size matters definitely and though I am sure perhaps there are those who prefer their’s short, round and crusty, I like mine long, slightly soft and well seeded. It’s just heaven to put into my mouth and gobble away insatiably until fully satisfied.

Regardless, you could say the content of the thing are what matters and however you take it you’re receiving the same mouthful and payload.

But I honestly cannot decide and wish to throw it to the audience…

…How do you prefer your sandwiches?


2 thoughts on “Cut vs Uncut

    1. A fair point, I too enjoy a hot mouthful of buttery egg sloshing around my mouth during the act.

      But one must (especially in one’s youth) consider portioning, lest one take in more than they can handle.

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