Aunt Dolores

Hello to the readers of this blog, whoever you may be and wherever you are,

It has very recently come to my attention that my aunt, Dolores Hazel Milton, was running this blog with a few of her close friends. Thank you to the anonymous reader to managed to track down her family when they became concerned. Aunt Dolores is a lifetime sufferer of severe schizophrenia. Fortunately, she is one of the lucky ones who responds extremely well to medication. However, as schizophrenics are wont to do, she often does not take her medicine because she feels that she doesn’t need it, leading to a downward spiral where her delusions become more pronounced, which convinces her further that her medications are not needed. Dolores want involuntarily committed to the Parkside Psychiatric hospital late last night.

Depending on how Dolores responds to treatment this time (she has always done very well in the past) she should be back to the blog within hopefully a few days. All we ask is that you continue to show her the love and support that she desperately needs. The Aunt Dolores that I know and remember is a kind, caring, intelligent, and very special person whose light shines on all of our lives. Her disorder is not her, it is merely the shade covering the candle that I know is burning with a passion that I hope you will all come to know and love as well as I have.

With love and hope,

Cathy Gordon


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