What the HELL has happened to my country!??!?

This AIN’T the America I used to know and love!!!!!!! OBAMA or OBUMMER as I like to call him has set race relations back FIFTY YEARS!!! We need to get him the hell OUT of that damn white house and figure out what the HELL we need to do!!!!!!!!! I am only 53 but I have been America go down THE CRAPPER thanks to these LIEBERALS and their damn idiocy!!! GET A CLUE!!!!!


We took GOD OUT OF THE SCHOOLS and GOD removed his hand from America!!!!!!!!!!!

If you dont like it then GET THE HELL OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

WE THE PEOPLE are pissed off!!!! About Obummer! Take these guns away I dare you!!!!!!!!

If you don’t love GOD the WHAT THE H*LL ARE YOU DOING

I’m SICK and TIRED of all these damn NIGGERS.

FIRST OF ALL I don’t appreciate that d*mn word!! There are a LOT of GOOD black men and women at my church and when you say it you are insulting EVERY ONE OF THEM. G-d cares about WHAT IS IN YOUR HEART, not your skin color. Second, just WHO THE HELL D OYOU THINK YOU ARE!??! Third, Donald Trump only hires THE BEST and you better believe a lot of them are black, buddy. A hell of a lot of BLACK men and women wore the uniform for your right to insult them, so THINK ABOUT THAT!!!!!

If more blacks were like my GOD FEARING son in law then MAYBE the inner city wouldn’t be having all these d*mn PROBLEMS!!!!!!!

I like what that Trump character has to say!! I just hope that G-d protects him from all the DEMONRATS in the swamp like he did to George W. Bush.

Dear God,
Please guide Donald Trump. Please help him make the right decisions for American and Israel for the next four years. Please protect us from the liberals who hate your most holy name above all names.



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