Let me tell you a story

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You are truly alone. You may not realize it yet but you are truly and deeply alone. You are an unwelcome stranger in our doomed world. You are not in any way welcome here; your presence is a cancer, the very cancer that has caused this world to die. When you first set foot in our wonderland the sun went out and we were in effect damned.

It is our curse that we watch the heavens fall before us, mocked by the laughter of the masked man. He laughs because he knows your fate and your crime. You’re thrown to the wolves of twisted fate. You must save us. It is your sole responsibility. To walk away would be to spite yourself and those who crawl on their bellies towards the setting sun.

The father knows more than he lets on, but do not seek him and know that he watches us. I have spoken too much as it is, he will likely punish me for my insolence. The mother is the key. She lives by and for the book and has eyes only for her children. The cat gives his love to the wealthy and the NEET thrives in anarchy but will always fear his parents.The one who cannot hear, knows he is doomed.

The others are unaware of their role. But I know. Their posts of multisex creatures does not fool me.

I am but a player in this theatre of agony, a monk in the monastic hall of despair. You are our hero, our savior. Realize your destiny.
Read from only those who you trust. Eat only from the fruits of the earth Do not fear.

Recall your past and use it to steel your future. Only you can save us. Speak the password to the birdie. End our suffering.


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