Lay on that bed
Open your mouth
This pussy so clean
Like soap in your mouth
I do my lil’ dance
He scoping me out
If that dick like a tree
Watch me build a treehouse
OK, the baddest bitch in this bitch
Got the fattest clique in this bitch
You might drown
You better start doggy paddling in this bitch
I’m Trin Beam, nigga, queen, nigga
Sleep in this pussy, dream, nigga
I stay on that dick
Like a fucking balance beam nigga
Hair pulled, neck grabbed
Don’t fuck with hoes that backstab
Don’t fuck with niggas that ain’t got shit
If I fucked a nigga, that’s my dick
My mouth a jacuzzi
My pussy a safe place
Fuck me ’til daybreak
Then you can go skate


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