The Wisest Men Among Us

Many of our readers will have read Julius Evola and other esoteric philosophers. Many men have attempted to grapple with the inner self to find the supernatural; to find God. Others, especially after the Industrial Revolution, have looked outward and rejected the supernatural. They say there is no scientific evidence for such claims as religion, ghosts, or any number of things that the modern materialist denies.

These men are fools; all of them.

Consider the following passage written by Dr. Gene Ray:

God guise for Queer scam, enslaves 4 Day cube brain as  ONEist. Vilify teachers – for Queers swindle Tithe from 1 Day Retarded”

Have you ever heard such profound wisdom before? All of our squabbling over religion, science, and futanari could be solved if only we changed our perspective a tiny bit. Man believes the world is round because of his limited perspective; just as he once thought it was flat. We all owe a great debt of gratitude do Dr. Ray, for he has illuminated the principle of the world once cloaked in a veil of darkness.

“The Time Cube is a principle that exists before your eyes! How many hands do you have? You say two, but no. They are left and right. In other words, if you add them together you don’t have any hands. They cancel out!”

Time is not a linear progression of the past to the future. It has four corners in its existence as a cube; Time Cube. Everything cancels out because its opposite is always present. The past cancels out the future. The present does not exist. Your left eye cancels out your right eye. You are blind. Your right ear cancels out your left. You are deaf. Your top row of teeth cancels out your bottom row. You cannot chew food.

And all of this is why you cannot see the wisdom of Time Cube.

The jewish bankers who run your government and churches have poisoned you and your fellows against the Truth. All men live as slaves to the money machine because every man is an individual; the lowest form of humanity. The individual cannot procreate, for he is an incomplete existence. The penis cancels out the vagina. There is no sex; it does not exist.

Science will never discover the Time Cube because it’s cubic, and they are vicious liars clinging to their prestige and religion of falsehood based upon a relativistic notion of time. If the Anime Right is to gain any ground in our fight against the organized jewry that is destroying our society, we must embrace Cubic Truth. Should we do this we will be able to outmaneuver our enemies wherever they are found, for we will be able to move through cubic space-time and catch them unawares wherever they are.

I will leave you with some words of wisdom and footage of the Great Master himself. Imbibe his teachings and free yourself from the shackles of time!

“The god we have is a jew. No jew had anything to do with my birth! If you’re a christian you’ve got to be a jew because you believe in the jews! Academia, the government, it’s all jewish because it’s based upon a jewish god!”


2 thoughts on “The Wisest Men Among Us

  1. D-plorable Mitch, or is it Deplorable Bitch? I’ve lived in five different countries, traveled and conducted research in over 40 nations around the world, lived in numerous cities with loads of diversity. I lived in one of the most violent countries on Earth, Honduras, with a diverse range of people where I chose to do my doctoral research in a conflict zone. I grew up in North Tulsa, Oklahoma, the 98% African American side of town, in my early life. I then lived in West Tulsa, the setting of S.E. Hinton’s the “Outsiders”. We lived with a wide range of diversity of blue collar folks that worked the oil refineries, welded and lubed trains and machinery in West Tulsa. We lived in a lower socio-economic group with people in poverty; including hispanics, vietnamese, african-americans, native americans, ect. My mother’s side of the family is half Cherokee, my uncle is a full blooded Cherokee. I grew up with my older disabled brother who suffers a rare form of ataxia called SCA8 that’s in the same family as cerebral palsy. My wife, and her entire family are Colombian. So, I live with loads of diversity in my daily life you dumb fu=%k! But, to get to your ignorant ass question loaded with assumptions; here’s my answer. I moved to Boulder from Washington D.C. where I lived in both SE D.C. and SW D.C., both prominent African American communities. I moved to Boulder to heal due to illness. I eventually was diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer and had a 15% chance of living when diagnosed. I’m in remission due to the excellent treatment I’ve received at the Rocky Mountain Cancer Center and now have a 85% chance of living and continue to heal. What’s your story Deplorable Bitch? You probably want to delete your stupid ass question now; or are you to ignorant to realize what you were asking me with no context? And, go fu$% yourself along with your white trash, Ku Klux Klan racist meme on your profile. Suck it, you f%^k! And, if you have a problem, step up and I’ll handle your raggedy ass like Clinton handles Trump’s; with an explanation that’s based on facts and not false projections and assumptions. You don’t know me – so go waddle in your cesspoll of right wing extremism in Tuscon and get ready to have your arse handed to you on election day when Trump loses like the loser that he is, and that you seem to have revealed yourself to be too. There’s no place for your ignorant bullshit in America.


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