Now Lets Get Something Straight

As Captain of this glorious vessel that is the Alt-Right, Lets get something straight I am Not a homosexual I notice our sound engineer “Deaf” has put forward these allegations of the “Frogs being gay” But Does not the Demi-God Pence (Praise Be Upon Him) also Preach that the gay can be zapped away through the most Aryan Power of all time the Lightning of Odin/Thor? Even If I was gay I would immediately seek the help of Conversion shock therapy.

“That being said who doesn’t appreciate the fine art of the statue of David for instance or all the other types of Greek arts, Not to mention Greco-Roman wrestling is the most masculine and European sport to this day!

Now it may be common knowledge that common filth did nothing wrong but these wanton accusations of homosexual need to be stopped! Next people will be telling me the author of the Way of Men Jack Donovan is gay and that simply isn’t true. He just happens to appreciate masculinity as do I.

Always Stay Starboard!



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