In Honor of the Fallen

Ghoul was a skeleton that knew how to get things done. When anybody in the skeleton village needed doing, Ghoul was in their bed getting all up in their bones. He wasn’t especially happy or particularly sad, but was stuck with a consistent feeling of emptiness inside his ribcage. That all changed when Ghoul discovered…


His skeleton doctor diagnosed him right after a fun, carefree weekend he had with his friends. They had gone to the world of the meatsacks to destroy all humans. They didn’t destroy all humans, but that didn’t matter. They were there to enjoy themselves. Of course they couldn’t destroy ALL the humans. They just liked to joke around.

But, having discovered that he wasn’t going to live much longer before he was just a pile of bones in the dirt, he decided to get serious. With his newfound zeal for human flesh, he journeyed with his bony pupper to the outskirts of the greatest human city that ever was: MEXICO CITY

Having never traveled beyond the small villages near his homeland, he was stunned. This was a thing far larger and grander than anything he’d ever seen. Skeleton society was certainly nothing compared to this. As he witnessed the beaner hordes flooding from the city in a wave of tequila, he steeled himself and got to work. He attached his mighty robot arm made of skeleton arms to his arm socket after he took off his regular skeleton arm from the arm socket.

He rode a donkey he stole to the town center. When he got there he encountered a large mass of people with indeterminate purpose dancing around wood stalls exchanging wooden voodoo dolls or something for shiny discs. He held up his arm, aiming for the fattest, easiest targets first. Just before firing, however, a lithe Mexican descended from the top of a nearby building and shielded his racial kin with a magic sombrero shield.

Ghoul stood, flabbergasted. He had never encountered a human capable of withstanding such a powerful attack in all his years of raiding the villages. The unknown hero gazed sharply at Ghoul’s eyesockets and said to him: “I believed that we had purged the skeleton menace from this city. You appear to be from somewhere far away, however. Don’t you think I’ll let you kill my tomodachis! Our hearts are as one, and we have the power of love! A skeleton could never understand that!”

Ghoul wasn’t ready for an enemy of this caliber, but he wasn’t to be swayed by fear. He took his fighting stance and rushed down the sombrero wielding man.

as he was running his bone cancer kicked in and he became a pile of bones and died

the end


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