Futa: A Rebuttal To Dolores Hazel Milton’s Rebuttal To Whig Buttles

Madame and Sir, Sir and Madame,

If you will be my audience..

Although I appreciate aesthetic analysis as much as the next connoisseur of pornographic images I feel that any proper understanding of this problem requires consideration of desire.

It is no doubt axiomatic that straight males desire straight women. It is also true that straight women desire straight men. Yet herein lies the problem and the deep contradiction.

If only a man knows what a man truly wants in terms of the sensual pleasures, then his desire cannot be truly heterosexual in that it is still male oriented. It is a desire for oneself. This is the similar problem with male masturbation- it involves pleasuring a penis to orgasm using one’s own male hand (or other devices) and enjoying it. All of the above applies to women as well. Thus male desire for women is still gay.

Yet even more paradoxically a man who abandons his own pleasure for the sole purpose of pleasing women is also a faggot, and even worse, a transsexual. He is aroused by the thought of a woman getting off and is hence projecting himself into a female body.

Futa is likewise completely bisexual. Actually no, it’s not even bisexual. It’s DOUBLE gay in that it combines the faggiest aspects of both of these things.

Therefore the only way around this impasse is a sexual desire that is devoid of the pretense of a desire for the opposite sex (which is always sublimated homosexual desire as I explained above). Engaging in same-sex intercourse and enjoying pornographic depictions of such is thus completely heterosexual in that the straight male or straight female is deriving pleasure from something they are not attracted to at all, thus there is no object-self desire conflict and no projection into the bodies of the opposite sex. Most importantly, it is neither of these things simultaneously as we see with futa.

The spectrum thus goes:




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