Escape from Animal Farm

It was a warm, sunny day in the pig trough where Anastasia and her family were living. Life had been good since the chickens had helped the farmer cut his drinking habit. As they were gorging themselves on the slop the farmer had left for them, a group of horses approached the fence.

They laughed and whinnied and snickered at her family; occasionally whispering among themselves. She couldn’t understand what they were saying, but occasionally would hear dirty words her family had always taught her to avoid.

“We may be pigs, but we can be cleaner than others in at least one way!” her father said to her. Feeling superior to them, if a bit insecure, she ignored them as best she could. None of her relatives seemed to be bothered, anyway. After a short time one of the horses came over to her. “hehehe…. hehehe…” He looked away, stifling his laughter.

“Why did the pig cross the road?”, he said to her. “Crossed the road? When do pigs ever cross the road? I’ve never had to cross the road.”, she thought to herself. When Anastasia didn’t answer him, he spit out “Come on, stupid. Why did the pig cross the road?”

“I-I don’t know. Why?”, she meekly stammered back to him. “BECAUSE THERE WAS SOME SLOP ON THE OTHER SIDE!”, the horse shouted. He and the other horses burst into laughter. The horse went back over to his friends and they walked away; in tears and giggling all the while.

“There’s slop on the other side of the road?!”, Anastasia thought to pigself. Forgetting about the slop right in front of her, she began her journey. She broke through the gate to the pig pen with a powerful charge and excitedly ran towards the driveway.

The dog saw her running and quickly intercepted her. “Anastasia! Where are you going?”, he asked her. “Oh, well, I just heard that there was some slop over there that I could have.” The dog was suspicious. He hadn’t heard anything about this, and he was always with the farmer. “I don’t remember seeing the farmer put any slop out there.”

Suddenly, a squirrel ran up a nearby tree. The dog’s attention was distracted. He knew he had to go bark at it. Anastasia immediately forgot the dog’s objections as he ran away. Her focus renewed, she ran for the driveway once more.

When she arrived at the street, she thought back to her discussion with the horse. “Why did the pig cross the road? Why was I going to cross the road?” She sat for a bit; tired from the running and trying to remember the reason she had run over here to begin with.

After a while she remembered, “Why did the pig cross the road? BECAUSE THERE WAS SLOP ON THE OTHER SIDE! OF COURSE!.wav” She ran as fast as she could toward the road and was hit by a car as she crossed.

There was no slop

the end


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