Capital punishment for failure to use turn signal

Alright boys I’m not fuckin’ around with this one. This is serious god damn business and I am livid. LIVID.

Most of you people have your driver’s license and know how to drive if you live in the US unless you’re in some shithole like major cities in CA or NYC or Philly or whatever. In case you don’t know, vehicles have special ways to control the various lights mounted to the exterior of the car. One of the most important features is the ability to selectively blink either the left or right set of lights in order to SIGNAL to OTHER DRIVERS that you intend to change lanes or make a turn. This lets the other drivers anticipate your movements and avoid collisions.

But some of the fucking yahoos on the road don’t use this basic feature. These CHAMELEON, LEMON-HEADED, COWARD, TERRORIST PUSSIES think they can just drive all over God’s green Earth without ever letting anybody know whether they are about to move left and right. It’s already a criminal act but these sick bastards don’t care. It endangers other drivers, and again, they don’t care. It costs nothing to use the turn signal, but again, they don’t care. These selfish cretins have no regard for others. They’re a danger to you and your loved ones.

So we gotta make them care.These people only understand force – deadly, state-sanctioned, 100% legal force. We must change the laws and upgrade failure to use turn signals before a turn to a capital offense with summary execution. There isn’t time for a trial. It’s a matter of life and death.

Write to your congressmen (not the women, they just look at cat videos all day). Email your city council. Tweet at Bill O’Reilly. Leave postcards at your local McDonald’s. The world must know.


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