Who is David Balabon?

Who am I? I’ll tell you who the fuck David Balabon is. I’m the motherfucker who drank your last 8 beers and tried to kiss your girlfriend. Then I loaded your dryer with your favorite shirts and shit in it. Yeah, I ordered Mexican steroids with your credit card. Because I’m David fucking Balabon, and that’s how the fuck I roll. Now, you answer me a question, bitch. Just what the fuck are you going to do about it? Nothing. Because nobody fucks with me, David Balabon.

David Balabon

Sexual Reproduction Is Unnatural


There are many in our movement who want to abolish homosexuality on the grounds that it is unnatural and immoral. The reasoning is that it doesn’t lead to reproduction, despite the long history of gays reproducing and spreading their homo-ness to even more generations. While it certainly makes sense to stomp out this perversion we should understand that it is not merely homosexuality that is unnatural. Sexuality itself is unnatural. Sexual reproduction is the result of a freakish genetic mutation. Organisms that reproduce sexually are laughably inferior at spreading their genes and regularly go extinct. The ‘higher’ organisms such as humans have brains, which are completely pointless and only make us aware of the misery of existence. In the distant past our Hyperborean ancestors reproduced asexually through mitosis. Our current human forms are an abomination and will be wiped off of this earth while asexual domination will march on unabated.

Music of the gods

Music of the gods

Now as we have all read countless boring speculations on what music is “white” or aryan I believe I have come to the ultimate compromise there is but one instrument that can not be corrupted by zionist control the otamatone invented by our Eastern Aryan bretheren this instrument has the power to overthrow the jewry that is modern rap/pop music. just simply youtube any of the otamatone videos and you will surely be enlightened on a musical scale even the most pure of us would be envious

Incas are the Real Whites

Did you think Whites came from India or something? Wrong. Wiracocha, the father deity of the Incas is the White God. Literally, that is the entirety of his description, just being White. Is Zeus White? No, he’s “blond” or some shit. Guess what? Being blond doesn’t make you White, there are blond Iranians and Afghans and they’re basically all niggers, not White.

There is an old prophecy told by Wiracocha where he speaks about his return. He says that when his White children become deceived by the “crooked nosed ones” he shall return and take his White male children to the belly button of the World or “Tahuantinsuyu” in South America and from there conquer the entire world to make it White. That sounds familiar but I can’t remember where I’ve heard something like that before.

wiracocha.pngWhat peak Whiteness looks like.


We knew this was coming Dr morris would one day have his way and turn all of the authors of this website into catbois and force us to shave all our hair….

I regretfully come before the readership as a new and reborn catboi.